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60. Special Episode: White House Fellows Program

The White House Fellows program is one of America’s premier leadership and service opportunity for gifted and highly motivated emerging American leaders. In this special episode, we are joined by four former Fellows who discuss their experience, explain about the program and share their advice to write a successful application.

59. Sheel Mohnot: Co-Founder & GP of Better Tomorrow Ventures

Sheel Mohnot is an oracle of Fintech. In this episode, we are joined by our first venture capitalist guest - Sheel Mohnot - for a discussion on VC investing 101, early stage investing, current events like FTX, and the future of Fintech.

58. Bhavin Turakhia:
Co-Founder & CEO of Zeta Suite

Zeta is on a mission to modernize the banking sector globally. In this episode, we host our first fintech from India, Zeta Suite, and speak with its Co-Founder & CEO - Bhavin Turakhia - on how Zeta is enabling banks and fintechs globally to materialize a digital-first strategy.

56. Rasha Katabi: Founder & CEO of Brim Financial

Embedded Finance is booming, especially in the payments space. In this episode, we host the Founder & CEO of Brim Financial - Rasha Katabi - who after a stellar career on Wall Street decided to pursue the path of entrepreneurship and is today the only fintech in North America licensed to issue credit cards.

55. Julie Rasmussen: Founder & CEO of She Banks

She Banks is an all-in-one personal finance management platform for women. In this episode, we host Founder & CEO of She Banks - Julie Rasmussen - for a discussion on her accomplished resume spaning multiple countries, her views on how to make the fintech industry more inclusive by understanding the needs of their female customers, and her upcoming product launch in October 2022. Julie is a fountain of wisdom - you won’t be disappointed. Tune in!

54. Bobby Matson: Founder & CEO of Payitoff

On this day, August 24, 2022, U.S. President Biden announced student loan forgiveness of up to $20,000 for 27 million borrowers. For this significant news event, we host the Founder & CEO of Payitoff – Bobby Matson – for a deep-dive on what this announcement means for an average student loan borrower, when & how to apply, and wider implications on the fintech industry.

53. Krill Klokov: Founder & CEO of Truv

With Truv, users can easily connect their payroll account and instantly share the information needed to run verifications. In this episode, we host Founder & CEO of Truv - Krill Klokov - a for a discussion on Truv’s mission to make income and employment verification faster and more affordable.

52. Special Episode: Money2020 & Amplify Program

Money2020 is the largest conference in financial services. In this episode we highlight its Amplify program, which celebrates the rising stars in the financial industry. We are joined by the Head of Content for US at Money2020 – Kisha Allison – and some members of the first cohort of the Amplify program. The deadline to apply for the Amplify program is August 31, 2022. Apply! Apply! Apply!

51. Chris Dean: CEO and Co-Founder of Treasury Prime

Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a significant segment within the fintech industry, characterized as both profitable and impactful. In this episode, we host the Founder & CEO of Treasury Prime – Chris Dean – for a discussion on BaaS 101, how it differentiates from open banking, and how Treasury Prime is helping small and mid-sized financial institutions digitally transform through new embedded finance capabilities.

50. Michelle O'Connor: VP Brand & Communications of TaxBit

Cryptotaxation is confusing and stressful so, we brought some subject matter experts. In this episode, we host the VP of Marketing of Taxbit – Michelle O’Connor – for a discussion on crypto taxation 101, an overview of DeFi taxes, and U.S. Congress’s Infrastructure Bill and its impacts on tax compliance for digital assets.

49. Jeff Merkel: Co-Founder and Chief Distribution Officer of Ladder

Ladder is the first 100% vertically integrated life InsurTech, built on a proprietary technology platform and powered by ever-compounding machine learning models. In this episode, we host Co-Founder & Chief Distribution Officer of Ladder - Jeff Merkel - for a discussion on Ladder’s founding story, the market of life insurance and the space of InsurTech, as well as emerging use cases around embedded finance.

48. Shmulik Fishman: Founder & CEO of Argyle

Argyle is the first gateway to employment data, making it easier, faster, and smarter for companies to put employment data to work for their users. In this episode, we host the Founder & CEO of Argyle - Shmulik Fishman - for a discussion on Argyle’s founding story, use cases around income verification, direct deposit switching, and paycheck link lending.

47. Soups Ranjan: Co-Founder & CEO of Sardine

Sardine is building the fastest, risk-free on-ramp for crypto to instantly approve ACH transactions. In this episode, we host the Co-Founder & CEO of Sardine - Soups Ranjan - for a discussion on Sardine’s fraud prevention-as-a-service which includes tools for identity, fraud, risk management, and money movement to facilitate crypto transactions.

46. Adam Nash: Co-Founder & CEO of Daffy

Daffy is a not-for-profit community built around a modern platform for giving, designed from the ground up to help make giving a habit. In this episode, we host the Co-Founder & CEO of Daffy - Adam Nash - for a discussion on Daffy's founding story, the market for donor-advised funds, product offering which include underlying funds that invest in crypto, and an inspiring mission to make people more charitable.

45. Raghu Yarlagadda: Co-Founder & CEO of FalconX

FalconX is a digital asset trading platform catering to institutional investors. In this episode, we host the Co-Founder & CEO of FalconX - Raghu Yarlagadda - for a discussion on FalconX's founding story, scaling the company through hyper-growth, considerations for corporate treasuries around crypto allocations, and tokenization of real-world assets.

44. Kurtis Lin: Co-Founder & CEO of Pinwheel

Pinwheel provides a payroll data connectivity platform from 1,400+ payroll providers in the US. In this episode, we host the Co-Founder & CEO of Pinwheel - Kurt Lin - for a discussion on Pinwheel's founding story, becoming a Consumer Ratings Agency (CRA), and product use cases around income verification, direct-deposit switching, paycheck-linked lending, and earned wage access.

43. Dante Disparte: Chief Strategy Officer of Circle

Circle is an issuer of one of the most popular stablecoin - USDC. In this episode, we host the Chief Strategy Officer of Circle for a discussion on the fundamentals of stablecoins, the race to becoming the dominant digital currency, regulatory landscape, and the future of open source and private market innovation in the U.S.

42. Marwan Forzley: Co-Founder & CEO of Veem

Veem provides payment services to small businesses and has been coined as the "Venmo for businesses". In this episode, we interview the Co-Founder & CEO of Veem for a discussion on the the founding story of Veem, global payments landscape, Veem's multi-rail payments ecosystem, use of blockchain technologies to address the friction in payments, and what's next for Veem.

41. Tanya Van Court: Founder & CEO of Goalsetter

Goalsetter is a financial education platform that allows kids to get allowance or monetary gifts from friends, parents, and relatives; and allowed them to spend money through a Goalsetter debit card. In this episode, we discuss how Tanya Van Court is disrupting the status quo and gaining support of banks like U.S. Bank.

40. Jag Duggal: Chief Product Officer of Nubank

Nubank serves 54 million customers across Brazil, Mexico and Colombia providing services like no-fee credit card, digital bank accounts, personal loans, life insurance, and more. In this episode, we discuss Nubank’s founding story, nuances of the Brazilian banking sector, and hear a live customer testimony!

39. Peter Hazlehurst: Founder & CEO of Synctera

Synctera helps fintech builders and community banks by matching the different players with its “Banking-as-a-Service” tools. In this episode, we discuss Synctera's recent product launch of "t-minus10", a new experience to build, test, and launch fintech and banking use cases.

38. Bill Barhydt: Founder & CEO of Abra

Abra is a crypto exchange platform that enables the purchase and trading of 100+ cryptocurrencies, earning interest on cryptoholdings, and borrowing against cryptoholdings. We discuss the similarities and differences between traditional loans vs crypto loans.

37. Sean Salas: Co-Founder & CEO of Camino Financial

Camino Financial is the first national neo-Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) powered by artificial intelligence that focuses on lending to underbanked micro-businesses. We also discuss the founding story, product use-cases, and evolution of the company.

36. Lule Demmissie: CEO of eToro US

eToro is quickly becoming one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world. In this episode, we host the CEO of eToro US, Lule Demmissie, for a discussion on her inspiring journey to eToro and eToro's focus on building a social community leading to a rise in retail investing.

35. Trevor Marshall: CTO at Current

Current is tackling the high fees-oriented business model associated with deposit products in the US. We discuss Current's founding story, their recent launch of a 4.00% APY saving product, and their technical differentiator from their competitors.

34. Stephany Kirkpatrick: Founder & CEO at Orum

Orum is tackling real-time payments infrastructure in the United States. We discuss Orum's founding story, their principles-based approach to fundraising capital, their product suite, and how their ambitious vision to make money movement instant.

33. Jeff Keltner: Senior Vice President Business Development of Upstart

Upstart is an AI lending platform that partners with banks and credit unions to provide consumer loans using non-traditional variables, such as education and employment, to predict creditworthiness. We discuss Upstart's founding story, their successful IPO, and the journey ahead.

32. Brock Blake: Co-Founder & CEO of Lendio

Lendio offers a marketplace for small business financing needs. We discuss how Lendio fuels the American dream through it's one-stop shop for all things small business lending.

31. Trisha Kothari: Co-Founder & CEO of Unit21

Unit21 offers a no-code platform for risk and compliance professionals to fight fraud. We discuss how Unit21 is protecting businesses against adversaries through a simple API and dashboard for detecting and managing sophisticated risks across multiple industries.

30. Ijaz Anwar: Co-Founder & COO of Payactiv

Payactiv enables customers to access part of their wages early. We discuss how Payactiv invented Earned Wage Access (EWA) in 2012 and the various ways they are impacting financial wellbeing for their customers.

29. Anshu Sharma: Founder & CEO of Skyflow

Skyflow protects customer privacy. We discuss Skyflow’s Fintech Data Privacy Vault which enables financial institutions to onboard customers, issue cards, move funds, and more without dealing with PII or PCI data directly.

28. Jordan Wright: Co-Founder & CEO of Atomic Financial

Atomic Financial empowers customers to connect their payroll accounts seamlessly. We discuss Atomic's API-solution that enables direct-deposit integration, employment and identity verification, and money movement for both financial institutions and consumers.

27. Laura Spiekerman: Co-Founder & CRO of Alloy

Alloy is building an API-solution for customer identity information. We discuss Alloy's innovative approach to enable financial institutions to onboard customers digitally within minutes.

26. Anthony Schrauth: Head of Product Management at Tally

A conversation with the Head of Product Management at Tally, Anthony Schrauth, on how Tally is helping consumers pay down their credit card debt intelligently. We discuss Tally's unique approach to financial wellness that is enabling a better financial outlook for their consumers.

25. Ethan Bloch: Founder & CEO of Digit

A conversation with the Founder and CEO of Digit, Ethan Bloch, on how Digit is automating personal finances and helping consumers save effortlessly. We also discuss Digit’s upcoming launch of a bank account and other exciting features on their product roadmap.

24. Raj Patel: Co-Founder & COO of Mantl

A conversation with the Founder & COO of Mantl, Raj Patel, on how they are helping smaller financial institutions digitally transform. We’ll discuss Mantl’s onboarding platform that’s enabling account opening in just 2 minutes.

23. Kalpesh Kapadia: Founder & CEO of Deserve

A conversation with the Founder & CEO of Deserve, Kalpesh Kapadia, on how they are building the new credit stack to enable companies to launch credit cards on a digital first, mobile centric service and the future of Fintech.

22. Laura Marino: Chief Product Officer of TrueAccord

A conversation with the Chief Product Officer of TrueAccord, Laura Marino. TrueAccord is reinventing the debt collection space while actively providing consumers with a pathway toward financial health.

21. CJ MacDonald: Founder & CEO of Step

A conversation on 'Fintech for minors' with the Founder & CEO of Step, CJ MacDonald. Step has built a banking product for teenagers with a mission to improve the financial future of the next generation and is already serving 2 million customers. Tune in!

20. Zach Bruhnke: Founder & CEO of HMBradley

A conversation with the Founder & CEO of HMBradley, Zach Bruhnke, on how they are simplifying finances and encouraging savings with a unique value proposition. Use this link to test HMBradley's 3% saving account.

19. Wade Arnold: Founder & CEO of Moov Financial

A conversation with the Founder & CEO of Moov Financial, Wade Arnold, on building a BaaS platform with a developer-first approach. We'll also discuss Moov's first-ever fintech devcon taking place September 7-9, 2021 in Devnver, Colorado.

18. Pritee Tembhekar: Head of Product at Lithic

A conversation with with Pritee Tembhekar, the Head of Product Management of Lithic (fka on their card issuing platform and their recent funding round of $60MM in Series C. We'll also discuss product management principles specific to building a developer-first product.

17. Renaud Laplanche: Founder & CEO of Upgrade

A conversation with one of the godfathers of fintech - Renaud Laplanche. After taking Lending Club public, Renaud has now built his second Fintech unicorn which offers affordable and responsible credit to mainstream consumers. Renaud joins us with hot off the press news on his Series E round of $105MM.

16. Brandon Krieg: Founder & CEO of Stash

A discussion with one of the industry veterans, Brandon Krieg - Founder and CEO of Stash. We’ll discuss Brandon’s entrepreneurial journey to building a $1.4bn business and making investing accessible for the masses.

15. Brett Allred: Chief Product Officer of MX

A conversation on open banking with the Chief Product Officer of MX. We’ll discuss President Biden’s recent executive order impacting the space of open banking.

E14: General Manager NA of Marqeta

A discussion with Marqeta’s Senior Vice President/General Manager, North America, Salman Syed, on their successful IPO and what’s next.

E13: COO of Guideline on Retirement Investing

A conversation on the changing landscape of the retirement industry with the COO of Guideline - Jeff Rosenberger.

E12: Co-Founder & CEO of Truework

We host Ryan Sandler, CEO of Truework where we will discuss how innovation in the payroll space will transform the lending market for the better.

E11: Founder & COO of Instant Financial on Early Wage Access

A discussion on earned wage access with the founder and COO of Instant Financial, Steve Barha, on how his company is disrupting the direct deposit segment in the US.

E10: Founder & CEO of MoneyLion and the Upcoming SPAC Merger

A discussion with the Founder and CEO of MoneyLion, Dee Choubey, on his entrepreneurial journey to the upcoming SPAC merger.

E9: Chief Product Officer of Bluevine on Fintech for Small Businesses

A conversation with the Chief Product Officer of Bluevine, Herman Man, about how Bluevine is meeting the needs of small businesses.

E8: COO of Varo

A discussion with the Chief Commercial and Product Officer of Varo Bank. We’ll discuss Varo’s path to becoming the first Fintech to be granted a banking license in the US, disrupting the status quo of the American financial industry.

E7: CEO of OppFi and the Upcoming SPAC Merger

A conversation with the CEO of OppFi, Jared Kaplan, on how OppFi is expanding financial access to the underbanked population in the US. We’ll also discuss OppFi’s upcoming SPAC merger.

E6: Founder & CEO of Nova Credit on Fintech for Immigrants

A discussion with the Founder & CEO of Nova Credit, Misha Esipov, on expanding financial access to immigrants in the US. We’ll discuss Nova Credit’s recent partnership and the launch of  American Express Credit Passport. 

E5: Director of Product Management at Betterment

A discussion with the Director of Product Management at Betterment, Edward Gottfried, on the upcoming policy changes impacting the retirement industry and how Betterment is getting ready for it.

E4: Head of Banking & Payments

A discussion on blockchain and the launch of Figure Pay with the Head of Banking & Payments at Figure Technologies - Tony Morosini. We’ll discuss how Figure is disrupting the financial industry with various use-cases of blockchain technology.

E3: Founder & CEO of Payitoff

A discussion on the student loan debt crisis with the Founder & CEO of Patitoff - Bobby Matson. We’ll discuss how Payitoff’s APIs are automating every aspect of student loan management for Fintechs, workplace providers, and financial institutions.